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August 2018

A programme of engineering work has been ongoing since 2017 on GB3FN which will eventually replace the original repeater with a Mk2 unit.  The Mk1 unit had been in service since 1983, and had reached the end of its life with one or two bits and pieces needing replacement.

Over the year, the site has been re-engineered to an all 12V system; the GB3FN power supply has been replaced with a 12V charger/power supply; the batteries for GB3FX have been replaced and a new charger has been built especially for these.  The frequency standards have been re-engineered for 12V, and additional monitoring equipment has been built and installed.

GB3FN has been operating using what was originally the backup unit.  This has also been re-engineered during a period of off-air during the Summer (which was caused by the failure in the 1750Hz decoder; now fixed).  It also had a 12V power supply installed to give service during mains failure. Different antennas and different coverage areas have been tried.

Periodic use of a temporary oscillator has meant the temporary loss of FSK on GB3FM at odd periods.

For more information on the backup GB3FN, please click the 'GB3FN' link from the home page.

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