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November 2022


With Mike G8ATK sadly becoming a silent key earlier in 2022 leaving just G3VYI and G4EPX looking after GB3SN, we decided to merge what was the UK FM Southern Repeater Holding Group into the Farnham VHF Group so that GB3SN could be managed by a larger group, and the load could be spread a little further.  These web pages have been updated as a result.

June 2022

GB3FM aerial problem.

The usual transmit aerial for GB3FM has developed a fault. Attempts to find a solution at ground level have proven ineffective and we need to find a rigger to repair - or more lilkely replace - the faulty aerial. In the meantime, GB3FM has been restored to operation by using a temporary aerial which is considerably lower - approx. 5m above ground - than the usual antennas. Therefore, it will be a lot weaker than it used to be. We are grateful to Phil G3TCU for the loan of his Alford Slot.

We have been trying to find someone to climb the mast and work on other aerials for some time, without success. Please contact us if you are - or know of - someone suitably qualified and equipped to work on the mast. The group is prepared to cover expenses and a reasonable fee for a suitable person.

January 2021

This revised web site. Though much of the content is unchanged, the operation and look of the site has been substantially altered. New facilities include the ability to use PayPal for membership and contributions and email from the Contact Us page.

Some more of the technical stuff...

  • 'Frames' are no longer used. The most obvious benefit of this is the ability to reliably bookmark any page within the site, not just the home page.
  • Font sizes have generally been increased to compensate for screen resolution increasing over the years, much more than screen sizes - resulting in smaller displayed text.
  • A single CSS file controls the majority of formatting for all the pages, simplifing future changes.
Feedback on all aspects of the new site is welcome, simply use the Contact Us facility.

Summer 2020

Between lockdowns, we had the tower repainted, as required by our landlord.  This cost several thousand pounds, the vast majority of the club reserves built up over the last 40 years. We desparately need money!  If you would like to make a donation, join or renew your membership, or donate any surplus equipment that we can sell to raise funds for the group, please get in touch!

January 2020

The MkII GB3FN repeater has now been put into service, after a programme of work lasting over two years.  It has more power output and better sensitivity than the backup unit which ran from 2017.  Please follow the GB3FN link for information on the new repeater.

This website does not require Java to run, does not store cookies or trackers on your computer and has no interest in trying to extract your personal data in any way at all!

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