The group constantly struggles to fund the continued operation of the repeaters and co-sited beacons. Membership income is vital but falls far short of the running costs which are sustained by donations and fund raising activities. If you are a user, please help support us to keep these service running. The repeaters are wholly operated by the Farnham VHF Group, which exists only to operate the repeaters. Present annual operating costs are:
Site Rent £350
Electricity £400+
Mast Inspection & Report £250
RSGB public liability insurance  £30
Maintenance  £75+
TOTAL: typically > £1100 per year.
Joining the group costs only £10 per year for those; between 18 and retiring age, in full time employment and not registered disabled.  £5 per year for all others.  Additionally, any donations are welcome; £3.00 keeps the repeaters on air for another day!

To become a supporter, please send your subscription and/or donation together with your;

      email address and/or phone number(s)

to our Public Relations Officer. For contact details please click here or use the 'Feedback' link below. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to 'The Farnham VHF Group'.

We usually display the callsign of each member on the supporters page of this website but are happy to withold this if you wish. Please make it clear when you join (or at any future time) if you would prefer your callsign not be displayed. Personal information will not be released outside the group unless required by law. We are planning to issue group newsletters via email but once again will respect any request to opt-out from receiving these communications.

Any question may be sent to the Repeater Keeper/Chairman G4EPX (QTHR 2005 callbook on) or use the 'Feedback' facility at the foot of this page.

The group meets for informal chat sessions on the second Monday of (some) months, at:

     The Hop Blossom, Long Garden Walk, Farnham, Surrey. (Car parks off Long Garden Way - GU9 7HX for SatNav)

However, we don't meet every month - so please email or check for activity on GB3FN or GB3FX before setting off. All are welcome to come along. New members can be given site tours at no extra charge!

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Updated August 26th 2018
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