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Latest from Susan

Over the last few months I have been operating with a temporary antenna supplied by G4EPX.

Each time I have needed my antenna to be attended to now, my Trustees have been obliged to provide a Risk Assessment and Method Statement to the owners of Boyneswood Tower before they would allow access. This means that anyone needing to climb has all the necessary PPE and H&S equipment.

My 6dB colinear was returned to the manufacturer TRS who found that a joint had come apart in the
coils, so my Trustees agreed to the repair cost of 65.00 which included transportation to TRS in a very long 6m cardboard tube which they sent down to me for the return journey.

My Trustees decided that my Antenna should be fitted on a 3m pole rather than the existing 6m one which waggled around excessively in the wind. The Trustees also thought that I should have separate antennas for RX and TX so now I have a 6db Colinear for RX and a 4.5db Colinear for TX. I hope that my coverage is now as good as it used to be.

My 4.5 dB Colinear cost   242.00.

To get all the antenna work completed up aloft my Trustees procured the services of two external erectors.

I have also had two new LDF4-50 coaxial feeders provided with connectors, together with a new Catenary down to my house from the balustrade.

My garden has become overgrown with a Hazel tree which needs to be attended to and some of my compound fence needs to be replaced. There is also a Rowan tree that needs to have it’s height reduced. This will be attended to shortly by a nice man with a chainsaw for I hope a modest sum.

My house also needs some remedial works as it has started to leak and the floor has disintegrated.

Mike G8ATK is hopeful that he will be able to obtain for me a new GRP house from one of his sources, but he has to wait for the opportunity to occur.

With the works already carried out and those yet to come I will likely expend circa 1500. I have been operating now for over 40 years and this is the first time that I have needed to draw on my dwindling resources.

So please fans and users send Mike G8ATK a donation to replenish my funds. On average I cost about 30 a quarter for Electricity.

Mike's contact details:
Tel/Fax: 01252 715765, or  contact using email to this link.

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