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Latest from Susan

My trustees have continued to spend time and money improving my circumstances.

I have two antennas with new LDF4-50 feeders, which were installed by a couple of professional installers in 2015. Unfortunately there are some local interference issues on one of these, and so we probably need to spend some more money investigating and moving, fixing or replacing it.

The 4.5 dB Colinear cost 242.00 and the repair of the 6dB colinear cost 65 last time.

Each time I have needed my antenna to be attended to now, my Trustees have been obliged to provide a Risk Assessment and Method Statement to the owners of Boyneswood Tower before they would allow access. This means that anyone needing to climb has all the necessary PPE and H&S equipment.

My garden had become overgrown with a Hazel tree which had to be cut down, and some of the compound fence had to be replaced.

My house was falling to pieces and letting water get onto some of the equipment, which was not very nice. Mike G3VYI and Dave G4EPX spend some time in 2020 repairing, re-roofing and repainting it to make it habitable again. Mike G8ATK spent a lot of time and money installing a new second house for the electricity supply and the GB3FRS beacon.

After 45 years on the air, I am running out of money.

So please fans and users send Mike G8ATK a donation to replenish my funds. On average I cost about 30 a quarter for Electricity.

Mike's contact details:
Tel/Fax: 01252 715765, or contact using email to this link.

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